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Introduction to xenobiology project "Svarog"

Медведь_жив!: When I am thinking on the topic "Alternative evolution", sooner or later I begin to write a project. Often these are texts which then fly to the basket. "Manuscripts don`t fire" - this phrase, may be, is right, but a manuscript may thrown out or be lost. The main aim of my work is know how evolution can go in a parralel world? The ones are "clean paper" of nature created. One of them - my world. Giant anomalocarises of Devonianian, six-leged amphibians of Carbonium, new synapsids of Triassic, phorusracoses of Jurassic and Cretaceous, gastornises of Cenozoic Ice Age - is possible that world? We don`t know. About evolution is a well-known to the general public. Unfortunately, alternative evolution and evolution in the future now are developed only in some projects in Internet. But there are well-known "The Future is Wild" by Dougal Dixon and "Prehistoric Park" by Impossible Pictures. Now we are going to Svarog. Coordinates are set: Cembrya, 520 millions years BC...

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мегантерион: Переведи, пжлст

Медведь_жив!: мегантерион пишет: Переведи, пжлст Предупреждение сейчас пропишу. Это перевод на аглицкий "Введения", см. на Самиздате

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